November 9th, 2009


The Perfect Hummus Recipe?

Hello, all!

My approach to hummus has always been somewhat... un-exact. I tend to take some random quantity of chickpeas, throw things at them (tahini, lemon juice, you know the drill) and blend. Sometimes I end up with great hummus. Sometimes the hummus is, you know, just hummus. Once it was awful (too much salt) but that's pretty rare. But I can never reproduce greatness, because I never measure!

In the past monthish I've been searching for The Perfect Hummus Recipe. Partly for myself, and partly so that when other people ask me how to make hummus I can be less vague... I haven't found it yet. I went through the tags here, and have tried several of the recipes I happened upon. Good! But not Perfect.

Does anyone out there have an amazing hummus recipe that they haven't posted (or that I might have missed)?

Interesting and Unique Recipes

 I can't imagine that I am the only one feeling like this but I have gotten really sick of the same old recipes lately. It seems like I eat the same food every week. I'm wondering if anyone has any recipes (cooking, not baking) that are different and/or use uncommon ingredients/veggies/milk alternatives, etc... And to complicate the matter more, I really don't like to eat anything processed that much. Milk alternatives and tofu/tempeh I'm alright with but other than that I would like to keep the food as pure as possible. I especially like earthy flavors. Can anyone help?