November 14th, 2009

How long do whole soybeans take to cook?

I've seen suggestions from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours, or the generic 'when done' which doesn't help when I'm trying to time a meal.

What do you do?

Googling is giving me gazillions of responses but limiting it to whole soybeans is proving unsuccessful. So I'm asking the wise vegan brains here. :)

(Usually, I'd sprout them, and then they take only 10 minutes at most to cook. That saves time, gas and carbon outputs, but with summer hitting where I live, my soybean sprouts are going off.)

Thanks. :)

Daiya cheese

Ok, I was not really believing the hype about this Daiya cheese stuff, but I recently got my hands on some, and I had a quesadilla today. A real, melty, stretchy, delicious quesadilla. It still has that vaugely processed-chemically flavor, kind of like a Kraft single, but it NAILS the texture and mouthfeel. Daiya's about as nutritious as Vegenaise, mind you - no protein to speak of, no vitamins or minerals, but it is really, really, really tasty.

UPDATE: The (not vegan, cheese addicted) 4 year-old likes it, and so does the cat. The cat, in fact, REALLY likes it.