November 15th, 2009

How to veganize a savory cheddar bread pudding?

Thanksgiving is being held at my aunt's this year, and when my dad mistaken told her I was just a vegetarian, she cocked her head and said "That's okay - vegetarians can eat turkey! Otherwise, where would they get their protein!" Sigh. She evidently doesn't even know what a vegetarian is, let alone a vegan.

I would like to bring something where the look of the dish doesn't seem off-putting. When I think Thansgiving, I also think of a cheesy-type casserole. So here's my query. I found this dish, but is it able to be decently veganized? It seems pretty reliant on eggs, dairy and I'm not good with major substitutions... I prefer something with little soy (my body revolts), but I'm willing to try anything. For those who have made their own cheezes (I remember an almond feta that looked as if it might work in this) are there any you think would work best? Thank you everyone!

Butternut Squash and Cheddar Bread PuddingCollapse )