November 25th, 2009

creamy mami

Vegan Diabetic Desserts?

I just found out my grandparents are coming for Thanksgiving and my mom has asked me to make a dessert that my grandmother can eat since she has diabetes. It's my first time doing Thanksgiving for my family and it's going to be entirely vegan, so I really want to impress. I have a list of amazing desserts lined up that don't use refined sugar, but my mom told me that my grandmother can only have nutrasweet or other chemical sweeteners like that. I do not want to use a chemical sweetener so I would rather skip the sugar all together.

So.. anyone have any dessert recipes that do not use sugar or chemical sweetener? I know they exist since I've eaten them before, but finding a recipe is another story :(

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for all the great comments. They all helped a lot. My friend ended up sending me her own recipe that has no added sugar:
It uses dates as a sweetener, which should be fine since normally my mom normally makes some kind of fruit dessert.

Also- when I was in Japan, I had lots of macrobiotic desserts that had no sugar or sweeteners in them at all. I am determined to find recipes for these eventually and I want to post them on here when I do. I just didn't have the time today to try searching for Japanese recipes.
dance [hey_lena]

The Food of the Future

Hi all,

I've invited some friends over to watch the new Star Trek movie and generally geek out. In keeping with the theme, I've offered to serve futuristic food, like the kind you'd eat in Star Trek land. Finger foods or plated items are fine, makes no difference. Any ideas for futuristic / science-fictiony food I could serve, or cool ways to present "regular" food? Of course, in the future all food is vegan, but beyond that, what would you suggest? :)

Thanks in advance for your ideas!
mg [zoe]

Help needed with pumpkin "cheesecake"

Alright, so I know the rules to baking...measurements matter! But I have a dilemma. I'm trying to make pumpkin cheesecake. I have all the ingredients, but the vital 8 oz of "cream cheese" is not 8 oz. Someone used a bit of it to my dismay, and now I think I'm at around 7-6oz. D: Will I totally ruin the dessert if it's not exactly 8oz? Is there a way to make up for that ounce or 2 without ruining it? I feel like it would be okay, but I over worry things and if someone told me it's alright I'd feel better. lol I was going to buy another container, but the store I bought it from is sold out and there is nothing withing a 25 mile radius that would have it in supply (yeah, I checked).