November 26th, 2009


curry recipes

Here's two curry recipes, one is chana masala (spicy chickpeas) and the other is creamy coconut and peanut spinach. I make these often as they are cheap, tasty, and reasonably healthy. The spinach curry is mild, while the chana is hot, they go nicely together with some rice and lime pickle for those who like their food really hot.

I don't have photos of the end result as last time I made this it was devoured in seconds.

Both these recipes make... uh... lots. Feed 5 easily, with leftovers.
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Rudolph dance

cashew pumpkins

I make this cashew loaf for Thanksgiving every year. This year I decided to try soemthing fun. I wanted to get a turkey shaped silcone cupcake pan, but I could only find pumpkins and fall leaves. I was worried that it wouldn't work in the cupcake pan, but they held together great and the mini nut loaves were so cute! I may have to get a tree pan for Christmas..

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I so wish I had taken pictures : )

repurposing a bad pumpkin pie

My friends bought a frozen vegan pumpkin pie for dessert. It was truly bad-- the texture was slimy/gummy and it tasted overwhelmingly of cloves. Even their 2 year old daughter spit it out. They of course sent it home with me.
I don't want to throw the pie away (only one tiny slice was eaten). Does anyone have ideas on how to repurpose it to make it into something edible? I'm thinking about scooping out the center, adding coconut milk (?) and making some sort of pudding, but even that I don't know if I'll eat. Hopefully you guys have some more creative, tasty ideas!!