November 27th, 2009


Ideas for bulk holiday party treats :)

The company I work for is having out Christmas party here in a couple weeks, and I'm looking for suggestions on what I could bring. Cookies and cupcakes are for sure, but what about savory treats? I live in Texas, so spicy is always welcome. I'm the only veg friendly person there though, so I might be the only one eating the stuff (though I'm sure people will try them....and I would like to make a good first impression). What do you guys take to your Christmas parties?
creamy mami

Incredible Tofu Whipped Cream Recipe!

When I was in living in Tokyo my favorite restaurants was this vegan/macrobiotic place named Cafe 8 ( They had the most amazing tofu whipped cream I have ever tasted.. so I just had to buy their cookbooks. I made the tofu whipped cream recipe for the first time yesterday and it turned out perfect. I think its definitely worth sharing :)

So here it is:
1 package drained firm silken tofu
4-5 tablespoons maple syrup
1-2 teaspoons rum
dash of vanilla extract
dash of salt

Blend the tofu until smooth in food processor. Blend in the maple syrup little by little. Blend rum, vanilla extract and salt. Add more maple syrup and rum if necessary.
Demetri Martin - Apologize

Ultra Easy

Hello, everyone!

Okay, so, this seems super simple, so I am sorry if there's been a similar entry in the past that I'm missing. What I need is easy meal ideas.

Now... there are tons of excellent easy recipes here, but even many of those are too complicated. The thing is, I'm sick (long story, but the important fact here is that it's constant and long-lasting), which is presenting a challenge; I need healthy meals, but preparing them is often too much. Every now and then I'll have enough energy to make a really good meal with lots of ingredients and cooking, but MOST of the time, anything that takes more than a few minutes and involves work like lots of slicing and dicing and preperation is... usually asking a lot.


I need help thinking up ideas! Another downside of being sick: brain fail!

Thanks in advance, guys. <3