December 3rd, 2009

Eat your veggies!

How to cook... Trader Joe's Soy Chorizo?

I'm planning on using the Trader Joe's Soy Chorizo in a dish tonight, specifically a cheddar-squash bread pudding. Now, the end-result is NOT a vegan dish, but I figured if anyone knew how best to pre-cook the chorizo, it would be you guys.

I'm wondering if I should just saute it the way I do Lightlife's Gimme Lean stuff, or if there is a better way to make this into a more cooked bulk sausage texture, before I add it to the rest of my recipe.

Thanks so much guys!

Yoga Study Group Potluck

I'm usually not someone who doesn't know what to make, but I'm kind of stuck and searching for ideas!

My yoga teacher training group is meeting at my house next week for study group and it's right after our advanced class so I'm going to have a bunch of hungry yogis on hand.

Many are veg, some are omni, I'm the only vegan.

Since we're doing this right after class (not to mention work!) I need something that can either be heat up quickly, made all day in our slow cooker, or something that is good cold.

I need something that is both healthy and totally totally delicious to show off veganism. Something colorful using seasonal produce (Washington, DC) would be great. It doesn't need to be easy, and could really be with any ingredient! I'm requesting that anyone coming bring a vegan dish if they're thinking of bringing a dish (they should all be practicing ahimsa (non-harming) anyway, sheesh!), but since I can't guarantee if any of those will be tasty, filling, or even existent, I want to make sure I have the bases covered just in case!