December 27th, 2009

  • qianian

gooey mocha chocolate brownie cake

There was a foolproof recipe in a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy self-help book (don't ask, don't tell) for this easily veganized brownie dessert. It was shiny-topped brownie cake floating on top of warm, mocha pudding, the kind where you sprinkle a sugar mix on top of the batter and then pour coffee over it all before baking. No eggs, no mess. Except on one's face after eating.

That book is in storage thousands of miles away, but if anyone can post a similar recipe I'd be much obliged.

Stove-top Cooking.

Hi, guys.

So I just moved to the Netherlands and our apartment doesn't have an oven. My husband did the househunting, and when I showed up on the day of the move and realized there was no oven, he was really embarrassed to have missed that, but I wouldn't have thought to check either. I did some poking around online and it doesn't seem to be that bizarre here for there to be no oven.

ANYWAY. To the point of my post! I will be (once we can find the money) purchasing a countertop oven of sorts (not that I know how it'll fit), but in the meantime, I can only cook on the stovetop. I didn't see a stove or hob tag, so I thought I'd come to you for ideas.

In the past 3 weeks, I've cooked a LOT of chili (regular and white bean) and a LOT of soup (lentil, pumpkin, tortilla), and I've been falling back on good ol' stir fry as well, but I'm having trouble thinking up fun and exciting recipes that don't require an oven. Searching recipe sites is kind of a pain because I have to go into most recipes and read to make sure there is no oven required. And the return rate is too poor to justify doing it.

Do you guys have any ideas for me to finally leave soups and stir-fries behind? Or at least to not have to resort to them every single night?