January 11th, 2010


Last Minute Cake

I need to make a cake this afternoon to be served this evening. The cake needs to involve some fruit, and all I have is frozen fruit (blueberries, strawberries, and cranberries). Can I whip up a white/vanilla cake batter and just fold frozen fruit into the batter before baking? I'm wondering if this will turn out well.
amelie - raspberries

Gluten free recipes, please!

I am in need of two things; gluten free vegan recipes and advice about being a gluten free vegan. I was a vegetarian for three years, then a vegan for three and then (most recently) a ovo-vegetarian, eating dairy but no eggs. And now I've been diagnosed with Celiac, and have to go gluten free and possibly dairy free as well, so it looks like I'm heading back towards veganism!

All my favourite meals consist of either pasta, bulgur, seitan or, um, bread, none of which I can have anymore. My doctor wants to refer me to a nutritionist, but as I come form a very small town I doubt that there is one that understands the whole vegan aspect, or even, come to think of it, the vegetarian. My doctor sure as hell don't, every time I see him he lectures me about how "natural" it is to eat meat. Even my vegetarian friends ask me if I wouldn't consider eating eggs at least. I've gotten some advice from friends with similar problems, but very little recpies, and most of them eat eggs and/or dairy anyway.

Hit me with your best gluten free recipes, please, and any advice on converting my diet to gluten free will be very much appreciated, as will anything regarding explaining all of this to my family, as they are bemused by my non-meat-eating ways and largely feel that if you didn't have an allergy growing up you cannot develop it at 29, as I have. Also, any advice regarding what to eat for a quick snack when I can't grab a slice of bread (I know I could bake gluten free bread, but I'm what you call supremely lazy), would be more than welcome!

(Also, if any Swedes happen to read this, what on earth is nutritional yeast called in Swedish, and where oh where can I find it?)