January 14th, 2010

What Do Vegans Eat Part III: Citrus "Nuggets" With "That Rice We Like," and Kale

I decided to take photos of the meals that my husband and I typically eat during the week and post them on my personal journal, to answer the question I hear so often--"What can you eat?" I've been watching vegancooking for years and I hope that the members will take an interest, or at least enjoy the food-porn. While the meals I feature may not be particularly complex, I think there is value in discussing the "normal" and everyday vegan diet. By "normal" I mean meals we make often without using a recipe or list to shop. I will admit to you that Paul and I rely too heavily on processed foods, so our everyday diet is not perfect, but we try.

Citrus "Nuggets" with "that rice we like" and kale is the ultimate lazy person's fare. The satisfying combination of the sweetness in the Citrus Sparerib Cutlets with the saltiness of Near East's Roasted Pecan and Garlic Creative Grains was discovered by Paul and I this past summer. Now it is a weekly staple.  Asparagus and kale, both texturally and taste-wise, work well with this meal. Collapse )

The best part of this quick meal is combining the elements together on your fork, but look-out: one time my husband found a rock in his Near East rice. Nevertheless, we still buy the rice. A missing tooth never stopped a corpulent vegan from enjoying him or herself. Chow!