January 24th, 2010


rice cookers, fancy rice, and smoked tempeh in the crock pot

Can anyone recommend a smaller rice cooker that is of decent quality? My parents seem to go through these fairly quickly, though that could be because my dad has a tendency to set them on fire. I'm looking for around a 3 cup one.

I'm craving white beans so hard right now and I finally have a crock pot again to make them. And whole foods FINALLY started carrying smoked tempeh again.

I want to branch out with my rice. Before i was eating my beans with instant brown rice, but I want something with more flavor and it a little bit better for me. Can anyone recommend a good rice with lots of flavor and decent nutrition?

Also, I had a question about doing the white beans with the tempeh in the crock pot. I usually do my beans for 8 hours on low. When would I add the tempeh so that I still get the flavor without making the tempeh soggy? I have problems making split pea barley soup because i never know when to put the barley in and it winds up being really thick (but still good)
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So. Many. Root vegetables.

Ok, the start of a winter farm share has coincided with an existing stockpile of vegetables, and I'm feeling overwhelmed and underinspired. I'm sure some of this will wind up simply roasted or made into some sort of soup, but I'd like some other ideas (especially since I'll have 9 more weeks' worth of similar ingredients to deal with), or at the very least, favorite marinades or soup recipes to get me out of my ruts.

Here's what I need to use:

Cabbage (medium head)
3 lb. carrots
Beets (several medium red)
Yellow onions (3 large)
Red onions (2 med)
Sunchokes (2 large)
Rutabagas (4 small)
Yucca (1 medium)
Chinese long beans (good-size bunch)
2 Lemons

I'm pretty darn well stocked with things like beans, tempeh, grains, pasta, garlic, canned tomatoes, spices, etc., and I can buy whatever I need as long as it doesn't leave me with more vegetables to use (like a bunch of celery).

*** Bonus points for things that create minimal dirty dishes, since my kitchen drain is broken and washing dishes will be a pain for the next couple weeks. ***

*** Bonus points also for things I can make and then freeze for quick lunches ***


Sorghum syrup

For the 3rd year in a row, my father has been given a gift of sorghum syrup from my grandparents. He and the rest of my family find it pretty gross [but don't have the heart to say anything], and can't eat it on pancakes and biscuits, as they do. It's very similar to molasses and I'm wondering if it can be substituted for it in baked goods [none of my family likes molasses by itself either, but really enjoy, for instance, molasses cookies].

Secondly, can anyone help me out with recipes that actually use sorghum syrup in some way? Baked goods would be great, but really any recipe is welcome. It would be great to expand my cooking repertoire to include this.

Thanks so much in advance!

halp! apple cider vinegar soup!

so i'm making soup, right? everything's going well. there's yam, potato, carrot, peppercorn squash, onion, thyme, rosemary, salt...and i added apple cider vinegar for some sweetness/tartness but i put in a little too much. ugh. what can i add to minimize the really vinegar-y/sweet flavour without compromising the integrity of the whole soup? i already blended it so pouring off some of the liquid isn't really an option.

thanks :(
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Middle Eastern Lime Stew

sinboy and I recently bought Cardamom and Lime, a Middle Eastern cookbook, and promised each other that we would make ten recipes from it to justify the expenditure. I love dumplings, so when I saw a recipe for a dumpling stew in there, I insisted that we make it first.

The dumplings turned out to be a total failure because I didn't roll the dough out nearly enough. We decided not to do it that way again. Instead, this is the recipe with the dumpling filling ingredients mixed into the stew, which I think would work much better and also be faster and easier.

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