February 2nd, 2010

summer city

nut butter cups

i'm sure some of you have thought of this before, but in case you crave peanut butter cups and haven't had this "ah!" lightbulb moment, here is my INCREDIBLY simple recipe for homemade nut butter cups.

you will need:
one or more silicon ice cube trays - i use the heart shaped ones from ikea. the simpler the shape, the more successful you will be.
dark chocolate or chocolate chips
nut butter

melt the chocolate in a double boiler, or in a bowl/pot over boiling water, or in the microwave if that's how you roll. if you want a milkier, meltier chocolate, you can add rice or almond or coconut milk at this point. whisk it in and get it nice and creamy.

put a layer of chocolate at the bottom of the ice cube cup. spoon a little bit of nut butter. top it up with more chocolate.

you can now freeze these, or simply let them cool and harden. delicious. once they are hardened, you can pop them out of the silicon tray easily.


No-Chew Ideas?

Hey, so I had a bicycle accident yesterday (fell on my chin, needed 4 stitches) and my jaw is really sore (not broken thankfully). I ate cereal for breakfast and realized that chewing isn't a very good idea so I had to wait for it to get really soggy and kind of suck it up. I am eating a peanutbutter hazlenut sandwich for lunch right now, and it isn't terrible but still kind of hurts.

Anyone have some dinner ideas? I was thinking maybe some cous cous and lentils or something like that. I would like it to be easy since I don't really feel like cooking anything too intricate.
holiday cranberries [by me]

Breakfast Casserole Help

I work in a very carnivore/omni office, though there are those who are considerate of my being vegan, and each department hosts breakfast every two weeks (rotating through about eight departments so you don't have to host super frequently). Rarely is there anything I will eat other than fresh fruit. Yay.

However, another event coming up is a breakfast casserole cook-off because, apparently, everyone is always excited about what the casserole is that someone will make for those breakfasts. I would like to enter with a vegan entry without making a huge deal about the dish being vegan. (Unless I win of course. :-p)

So ... throw your best breakfast casserole recipes at me. I want to blow their minds. :)

The judges will be one of the directors of our food services and the head chef, so they know their stuff and appreciate all kinds of food.
cherry blossom

Party Food Suggestions!

I hope I can get some help. I'm attending a Eddie Izzard/Comedy party and the theme is hilarious food!

This entails food with hilarious ingredients, or food shaped like hilarious things.

Even though it's not in the details of the invite, the hostess of the party has a gluten allergy. So I'd love to be able to make something she can eat as well.

Can anyone help?