February 3rd, 2010


Roasted Vegetable Pasta Salad

Hello, All!

I have once again fell victim to the "I found a really great recipe but now I don't remember where I found it" syndrome. Last summer I made some kind of pasta salad, that had roasted vegetables in it. I think including asparagus. And possibly walnuts? Probably olives. I found a similarish recipe in the tags, but it didn't seem quite like the recipe I used... In any case, it was excellent. I have NO IDEA which of my zillions of cookbooks (or possible somewhere on the internet) this recipe came from.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? If I or any of you can figure out what cookbook it came from I will happily type up the recipe and add it to the post. :-)
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powdered peanutbutter

has anyone tried this stuff?


i ordered a sample and i am pretty excited about it for smoothies and stuff, but you can also just add water to it and it will be like normal peanut butter.. but apparently it's better for you or something?

also does anyone know of any cookbooks that show the nutritional value of the recipes?



i found somewhere in ontario/canada that has it for you canadians out there that want this but dont want to pay 60 bucks shipping!


edit again:

i tried it and it actually tastes gross to me. it has had a lot of good reviews but to me it didn't taste anything like peanut butter.
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Royal Icing and Candy Melts

So I've been taking Wilton cake decorating classes for the past two months. We are now using royal icing and I was wondering if anyone had a really good vegan recipe? I've checked the tags and memories and haven't found anything regarding royal icing. And when I look at other sites, all the recipes have slight differences so I'm not sure which one I should try.

Also, does anyone know a vegan substitute for candy melts? Or whether or not you can colour white chocolate with gel food colouring?

Thanks so much!
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Suggestions for meals in Japan?

I live in Vancouver but am in Japan for a month, accompanying my fiance who is here for work. I'm pulling the housewife thing and as such the cooking is kind of my job right now. Which is fine when we're home in Canada but... y'know, travel.

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OK to recap, I'm looking for a) baked goods recipes that don't need eggs or egg replacers, or can be great with just mashed banana, b) meal ideas, c) how to find vegan onigiri, d) simple bread recipes that I can't eff up.

Thanks anybody who can help!