February 21st, 2010

Coconut Waffles

I finally have a recipe to share! My mother likes to look through our local papers for recipes that we can veganize at home, and a few weeks ago she found a recipe for coconut waffles. We took our regular waffle recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens All-Time Favorite Bread Recipes book (1979 - it's a classic!) and just played around with it a bit.

(We kind of do a 1 1/2x version of it, and kind of guesstimate the amount of ingredients needed)
3 c. flour (we always just use white flour)
1 1/2 T. baking powder (always use a titch more, just for help with puffiness)
3/4 t. salt
3 eggs (I have used both applesauce and ground flax seed, and they both work fine, although when using flax you can definitely see all the little pieces of flax)
3 c. milk - here I used two cups of the so delicious coconut hazelnut creamer, and one cup so delicious coconut milk)
3/4 c. oil
We also added in about a cup of coconut flakes

Mix it all together and bake! The batter tends to be very thick, so it takes a bit longer to bake and doesn't spread out as easily in the waffle iron like regular batter.

The hazelnut creamer makes them smell delicious! And there's definitely a bit of a coconut flavor to them. They're good right out of the waffle maker, but I think they're even better reheated in the toaster when I'm rushing out the door to work!