February 23rd, 2010

Ch'eitan Noodle Soup

You recall the seitan "chicken" cutlets I made last week, yes? Well, last night was the night to use up some of the ones I'd frozen - and their broth, which I'd also frozen - in this delicious soup. It's a real cold-and-flu-buster, thanks to the use of garlic, ginger and lemon; but it's just flat out delicious when you're feeling fine, too. Also - bonus! It's super quick to make.

Please note: if you don't plan on eating all the soup right away, you may want hold off on adding the noodles to future servings until right before serving rather than cooking them all in the soup right away. Noodles left to linger in leftover soup will just keep absorbing broth until they are nothing but mush. Either ladel out the portions of cooked soup you want for future meals and then just add uncooked noodles when you warm them up again; or cook the noodles seperately and add them into future servings as desired.

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P.S. - That biscuit? That was a whole wheat baking powder biscuit with a bunch of Daiya Vegan Cheese all up in its bizniz. Nummers.

French Dinner

Hello Vegan Friends!

I am living in Chicago right now and I've been taking improv classes. Well, I invited my 11 classmates (along with 5 or so significant others) over for a French dinner chez moi. I would really like some advice for the menu. I studied in Avignon in college, so I wanted to incorporate a Provençale theme to the menu. What I want to do is start with bread, have a salad with a dijon dressing, beets, radishes, and olives, and then have ratatouille, tofu quiche, and chocolate crepes or an apple tart for dessert.

Here are my questions:
1) How many quiches should I make to feed roughly 16 people? I'll be having all the other food, so it'll be a smallish portion each. What do you think?
2) Does anyone have a fail-proof tofu quiche recipe? I've made one a few times, and I've liked it, but I think it could be just WOW.
3) Does anyone know where to buy pre-made vegan crusts? I am in Chicago, so there are a lot of options available to me. I sadly lost my rolling pin, or I would just want to make it from scratch.
4) Best crepes?

I think that's about it.

I love this community! Thank you!