February 25th, 2010

Tomato-Stewed Tofu

I improvised this dish last night after having a craving for something I was once served in a Vietnamese restaurant. It's not really all that similar except that there is tofu in a tomato sauce, but it's still delish and relatively easy to prepare. (Sorry the picture's not that nice. It's hard to photograph really saucy things without them looking a bit like slop...)

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A time saving tip for crockpot lovers: Prepare the sauce a day ahead of time and refrigerate. Marinate the tofu in the fridge overnight. Then bake the tofu and add it, along with the sauce, to your crockpot. Let simmer on low for 8 - 12 hours.
Hufflepuff Stones

Feeding the masses

Hey all! I was hoping you could help me think of a bunch of delicious and low cost meals to serve a lot of people. I'm going to be filming my senior thesis (I'm about to graduate with my BFA) and I'm going to be having to provide three meals a day for upwards of ten people for three days.

My film has a pretty strong message about not eating animals (surprise!) and as I am a vegan myself I was really hoping to provide delicious vegan meals for my cast and crew. As most of my crew are incredibly omni, I was hoping to have something that would really please everyone and keep their morale up as we film without making them feel like they're being deprived of 'hearty' meals. I'm just worried because I've worked with many of these people before and find that they practically live off roast beef sandwiches or pizza.

Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you all!
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Advice on wedding cupcakes?

Two dear (vegan) friends are getting married over Memorial Day weekend, and they've asked me to do cupcakes for the wedding. I've made my share of cupcakes and have VCTOTW, but I've never baked anything on this scale (120ish guests) nor of this importance. I'll be using an on-site commercial kitchen, which I probably won't have a chance to try out before the weekend in question. However, I will have a couple days on site before the day of the ceremony to get used to its quirks.

I know a lot of folks here have done cupcakes for weddings and other big events, so I hope to tap your knowledge on the subject!

Here are some specific questions I have, but I am very, very open to whatever advice you'd like to send my way.

  • How many cupcakes should I make? A few more than RSVP? 10% more? 20%?

  • Relating to both aesthetics and sanity, how many types/designs should I aim for? Two?

  • I'll have a walk-in fridge available. How far in advance can I/should I bake and/or decorate? And will they decorate better at room temp or chilled?

  • Fondant frightens me, but I'd kind of like to experiment with gum paste. Good tutorials? Advice?