February 26th, 2010

Totoro Rain


So I surfed the tags and found some entries about Japanese mayo and one that was sort of about Okonomiyaki but not that helpful to me. So here's a brand new post. What do you sub for the eggs? I saw a mention of silken tofu, but how much, and what do you do to it? It's been a very long time since I've made okonomiyaki because I just assumed it was impossible without eggs! 

I see there are some recommendations about thinning out vegan mayo with some white miso and rice vinegar. Has anyone tried this and been successful? Can I use veganaise? 

And what about the okonomi sauce?

Keep in mind I have nothing resembling an asian grocery where I live. :[ I will when I move in the fall, but for now... BUT I do have a friend that sometimes sends me Japanese ingredients. For example, she just sent me some mochiko! I plan to make filled daifuku this week! Omonomonom

Also Also... if anyone has BEEN to Japan while vegan, I would appreciate some tips. My gf and I might be going on a school trip for 3 weeks in May if all works out. I have a guide that tells me how to ask for something without animal products, but still a little nervous. Any advice would be appreciated.