February 27th, 2010


Ideas for amazing food to convert a bunch of omnivores?

This week I will be giving a 15-minute presentation about vegetarianism to my English class on argument and persuasion. Obviously, I'm trying to persuade people to try vegetarianism (even though I'm vegan). I want to use food as a way to sort of prove my point. Give me your most convincing fingerfood ideas or recipes, please! I wanted to do mini cupcakes, but I have no experience with cupcakes and no time to experiment right now. I need tried-and-true recipes! Nothing too wierd/expensive/difficult/messy. Also, there are around 30 people in my class, so I need enough for everyone.

I <3 TLV

Egg substitutes

I'm making hamantaschen, and this is part of the recipe (I'm veganizing a gluten-free recipe, so it has eggs in it):

"Using a pastry brush, apply well-beaten egg to the perimeter of each dough circle and immediately fold 3 sides of circle together so that the cookie becomes a triangle, and pinch corners to seal. Seal completely and firmly, using beaten egg so they do not come apart in baking."

I'm worried that without the egg they wont seal well. Would egg replacer do the job? Is there something else I can use? Or will they probably be fine without the egg?