March 1st, 2010


egg roll wrappers?

My boyfriend's mom is making egg rolls for his niece's birthday this weekend and she wants to make them vegan so I have something to eat. All of the egg roll wrappers at the store she frequents contain eggs and I'd like to find some that don't so I don't have to inconvenience her by running all over the place. Does anyone know of any specific brand of egg roll wrappers that are vegan? I live in Chicago so I can find almost anything. I'm not really interested in having her make her own as she's already going through the trouble of making them 'special' for me. I checked the tags to no avail. Ideas?

[edit] I always thought they were called egg rolls because most places put eggs in them, not because the actual wrapper was primarily eggs. Well, learned something new (and annoying) today. Thanks everyone!