March 6th, 2010

Indian Feast

The other day my housemate and I cooked up a grand old Indian feast, partially because my SO had bought some tandoori-flavoured chapati, but also because he was sick and so needed lots of ginger and chilli.

This ensued.
Indian Feast

It served the 4 of us with pleeeeenty of leftovers for our lunches and dinners the next day (and there's still some in the fridge for today's lunch. Yum)

One dish I did from a recipe (modified slightly), the others I kind of pulled out of my... head. I hope I have remembered all the ingredients I used. Quantities I just kind of took a stab at as I tend to sprinkle/glug stuff in without measuring.

Assorted Veg in Cashew GravyCollapse )

Mushroom, Peas & PotatoesCollapse )

Palak 'Paneer'Collapse )

DhalCollapse )

agar agar

i know recipes call for agar agar flakes or powder.. and i found this in the asian supermarket. i don't know how i would measure it. would i have to grind it up to use it or would it dissolve? i have obviously never used agar agar before.

i don't know what to classify it as... it's like a bar?

what recipes do you like that use it? i know i have been looking into a lime pie recipe and am pretty excited that i found this stuff.