April 7th, 2010

Savory grain dishes

So, I'm studying abroad and I have fallen in love with this grain called "mote" which is a sort of processed wheat which has the most awesome texture ever (think like larger grains of wild rice that has that almost crunch to it.) Anyways, I'm sure no one has any recipes for this particular grain, but I was just wondering what people would suggest for me to make with it? I'm looking for something savory... maybe like a pilaf or something? Warm or cold, the only stipulation is that it can't be baked because I don't have an oven.

Other than just blindly searching for pilaf, I don't know where to begin.

Lately I've just been boiling it up, adding some raspberry preserves, and eating it like a desert... yum. :)

Seasonal Cookbook

Can anyone recommend a good seasonal cookbook? I put A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen on hold at the library - anyone know anything about it? Any other suggestions? Thanks for the help!
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