April 13th, 2010


Dairy free yogurt (homemade) troubleshooting!

I bought a yogurt maker and tried to make non-dairy yogurt and it is a big FAIL. I am frustrated...

I used special non-dairy yogurt starter and followed their directions. I tried with almond milk, and with rice milk (my son is allergic to soy, and I am allergic to coconut, that limits our options... ;-) We are both casein intolerant.)
The machine seemed to really overheat the milk and I exhanged it. But in the end I keep having "baked yogurt" and I have seen recipes online where people used a yogurt maker and non dairy milk. I tried leaving it longer, I tried leaving it shorter... Still "baked" yogurt where everything separates! :-(

Any ideas, tips, anything.... I need help!
Thanks! :-D