April 15th, 2010


Baking with Beer

So a friend and I have had a baking rivalry as of late, where we're setting challenges and seeing who can come up with a better response (I did beat him on the scone challenge, you know, just to toot my own horn). He's been nice enough to try to learn how to bake vegan, which I super appreciate.

Well, that background aside, our latest challenge is baking with beer. I know there's beer bread. And I know of rum cake. And I could probably cook down some other alcohol with some fruit and try that. But I really want to try and incorporate beer into something like cookies, or savory scones, or muffins- even if its just making a glaze.

Has anyone done something similar? Any tips?

(Mods: I didn't see any applicable tags beyond the super generic, but it's highly likely I overlooked them!)