April 28th, 2010

Dorm-suitable South Asian Recipes (Quick!)

Hey all,

I have to make a small dish for a class that I have been taking on South Asia. Therefore, I'd love to make some sort of vegan South Asian dish (Afghan, Pakistani, Nepali, Indian, Maldivian, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan foods are all acceptable) - preferably an appetizer or entree, but a dessert could do the job, too.

I hope that I can make a run to Whole Foods tonight and pick up some ingredients. Keep in mind that I live in a very traditional college dorm. This means that I have the use of one very small communal kitchen, with one oven, two burners, a microwave, and a sink without a disposal that is shared by about 200 college kids. On a similar note, I have access to very few fancy kitchen utensils, but I do have a fancy juicer that perhaps could be used as a pseudo food processor? Perhaps.

Thank you so much!