May 3rd, 2010


Earth Balance soy-free buttery spread

Hey guys, I've recently found out soy and I don't get along so well in the stomach, intestine, and skin department so I've had to switch to a soy-free diet. Along with all the manageable issues (difficulty finding breads, no more fake meats, etc.) I've had quite a time finding a soy-free margarine (there aren't any around here). I asked my local natural foods store if they could order me some earth balance soy-free (they already carry a few earth balance varieties) but they were unable to. They think it's because the soy-free variety doesn't have french packaging yet (I live in Canada).

So, long story short, my mom is planning to make a trip to Seattle to look for soy-free earth balance for me. We've found one store in Bellevue that carries it but the thing is, we live in Alberta. Bellevue is quite a way to travel just to get some margarine. I was unable to find a store in Montana that carries it but if anyone on here knows of a place closer to Alberta where I could find soy-free vegan margarine it would be MUCH appreciated.

I don't expect to find much - this soy-free thing has me extremely frustrated with food and grocery stores to the point of giving up and subjecting myself to a life of boring labor-intensive food - but if anyone has seen this soy-free earth balance around and lives closer to Alberta than Bellevue please leave a comment with the location.

savory quinoa

This was an experiment I made last night after a trip to whole foods. It was pretty good the first night, but it was even better the second day.

What you will need
a bag of quinoa
some sort of broth (I used mushroom with a few squirts of braggs amino acids)
A bag of spinach
a box of sliced mushrooms
grilled artichoke hearts
uptons ground beef style seitan
a can of chickpeas
2 small cans of sliced black olives
plain soy yogurt
red miso paste

I set the quinoa boiling with the mushroom broth and a few quirts of braggs (and I totally set the burner on fire)

I drizzled the chicken peas with olive oil flavored cooking spray because I forgot to pick up olive oi and set them in the oven at broil.

I sauteed onions, celery, and garlic in some earth balance, then added the mushrooms and seitan, then the spinach. When everything was wilted, i put it in a big bowl and added the olive.

when the quinoa was done, I added it to everything and mixed in the red miso paste and about a cup and 1/4 cup of soy yogurt.

It didn't take long to make at all and it tasted good.