May 10th, 2010


Ewwww, What is That?

EDIT: Thank you all for your input. This was quite a lively discussion and I appreciate all of your suggestions for dealing with the gas issue.

Well from my limited and unscientific evaluation of the problem, it appears that tofu is the offender. I don't think it's soy - soy milk and miso don't seem to affect me. It's not tofu on it's own but the AMOUNT of tofu. For example if I eat a grilled tofu sandwhich I can't turn around later and eat a slice of Silken tofu pie.

Or perhaps it is chutney. I made chutney this week and have been eating it every day. Perhaps the vinegar in the chutney is keeping the gas at bay.

At any rate, I appreciate your guidance in helping to narrow down the cause.

I began eating almost entirely vegan about four months ago. At first it was great and I felt very positive about it. Now the honeymoon is over and I'm having a few issues.

Lately I dread lunch. When I sit down to eat, if there is another person in the lunchroom they screw up their faces with disgust at my vegan fare. My mother taught me not to make comments about people's food, so I find it offensive when people act disgusted about what I'm eating. I'm the one eating it. Why can't they just leave me alone?

When I first started eating vegan, I was so happy with how I was doing that I would tell people about it. It wasn't long before I noticed people telling me all sorts of things to try and talk me out of being vegan. What is so at stake with people that they feel threatened by my choice? I know there are political reasons for veganism but those aren't my reasons. I just want to be healthy and I enjoy eating a vegan diet. It's a personal preference and not something I would expect someone else to do unless they felt they wanted to do it. Now I don't talk about it anymore because I don't feel I need to justify my decision to be a vegan.

Then there is the issue with gassiness. I read the memories about the issue and it said that it will get better.'s not and my girlfriend has just about had it and wants to kick me out of the house. And besides I feel uncomfortable and bloated just about all the time. I have no luck with Bean-o. It just doesn't work for me.

The last issue I'm having is I am gaining weight like crazy. Obviously I'm eating too much, but I can't figure out what. Has anyone else noticed that they gained weight while eating a vegan diet?