May 15th, 2010

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Brain food for the hungry, hungry student

So, not a lot of time to cook, not a lot of money, but you need you protein fix. Here's an idea:

2 glasses of dry chickpeas
2 glasses of whole rice
1 1/2 glasses of green lentil sprouts
400gr of firm tofu
soy sauce
date syrup
crushed garlic
sesame oil
1/2 glass of cooking wine
Black pepper
1 glass of water

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My 9" tart pan arrived today! Can you share your favorite tart/quiche recipes? They must be gluten-free - I already have recipes for gluten-free crusts, so just the filling needs to be. I'm especially looking for an outstanding quiche recipe - my husband hasn't had a quiche since he went vegan and doesn't think it's possible to make a tasty one without eggs. I want to prove him wrong! Thanks =)