May 17th, 2010


Favorite easily freezable vegan dishes?

I am expecting my first child in several weeks and I want to be prepared food-wise, especially since we don’t have many delivery options here. I know that my husband and I will probably be so exhausted the first few weeks that we won’t feel like cooking at all.

What are some of your favorite easily freezable vegan dishes?

Thanks in advance!

Recipes for kalamata olives?

Hi guys!

I went to this HUGE international market in Cincinnati yesterday and got a MASSIVE jar of kalamata olives for a pretty cheap price. We're talking a HUGE jar. I should take a photo of it because it's really absurd!

But anyway, as a result my friend and I want to make a dish tonight that really makes kalamata olives the star. Do you know of any recipes that feature kalamata olives centrally? I mean, we can of course make a simple pasta or something... but it's so rare that I ever have an ingredient that seems this decadent and expensive that we'd kind of like to make something more special. (Still hoping for something relatively simple and cheap, but different than the norm--we eat a lot of pasta with olive oil and random ingredients tossed in.) Or if you do have a pasta recipe that uses olives that you really enjoy, we'd be open to that too.

Any suggestions? I have about 3 hours before my friend is off and it's time to start cooking!