May 23rd, 2010

I <3 TLV

Daiya mozzarella

My mom got me a package and I'm not sure what to do with it! Any gluten-free recipe suggestions that are especially good with Daiya's mozzarella? I'm feeling uninspired and I don't want to make pizza. Thanks!

mold allergy recipe sugestions

i found out i have a mold allergy and there is a huge list of food i'm to stay away from and i feel so overwhelmed with all the stuff i can't have i'm having a hard time thinking of what i CAN have.

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vegan cheese and yogurt are out because they have vegan cultures in them.

ETA: i should have said this in the first place. i'm not vegan. or at least i wasn't before but because of this list my entire diet is being turned upside down. i'm at a loss here. i never really did any vegan cooking. is there a good starting point? recommended cookbooks?

so any ideas would be awesome!!!