May 29th, 2010

Vegan food in Brighton&London

I'm traveling to England next week and I'm getting sooo excited about all the delicious food I will be eating. I will be staying in North Chailey (near Lewes and Haywards Heath) and traveling to Brighton often. I will also be staying in London (Manor House/Highbury area, but obviously traveling about the city)

I've been reading quarrygirl blog and taking notes on restaurants, but I was hoping to find some more suggestions!
So far, in Brighton I hope to go to VBites, Our Cornish Pasty Shop, and Red Veg. In London, I hope to get to Mango Tree, Joi Buffet, 222 Veggie Vegan, Inspiral Lounge, Manna, and Pogo Cafe.
Does anyone have anymore suggestions for food/other generally awesome things in these areas? I would particularly love any recommendations closer to North Chailey, and a super bonus would be a place to get vegan food AND delicious beer.

edit: thanks so much for all the recommendations!! It's gonna be such a delicious vacation.

Spicy Bean Burgers.

Righty-ho. I've made some spicy bean burgers. I really like the look of the recipe and will, of course, post pics and recipe if they taste as good as they sound.

Like most veggie burgers the recipe calls for them to be pan fried and I'd rather not fry them. I could grill them but I'd rather do them in the oven (no chance of any bits of them falling off, I think I could've made them firmer than they are).

Will I be ok to do them in the oven? I was gonna brush them with oil and give them maybe 30 mins? What do you guys think?