June 11th, 2010


Low-Fat Dessert Recipes?

I couldn't really find too many recipes in the tags for low-fat/non-fat dessert recipes and was wondering if anyone had any to share. (I might also be searching for them wrong, haha)

Also, does anyone know any good fat-free or low-fat/healthy vegan food blogs besides Fatfree Vegan Kitchen?

As far as dessert recipes I'm not too picky, though I do love chocolate, I'm really looking for a wide variety of desserts with lower fat/sugar.


Coloring with fruit juices?

It's been requested that I make cupcakes for a baby shower of a friend. It'll be in about two weeks. She wants the frosting on different cupcakes colored pink and blue (they decided not to try to figure out what the baby's gender will be).

She wants natural food coloring, and has specifically requested that the frosting be colored with fruit juices. Does anyone have any experience with coloring with fruit juices? I was thinking perhaps blueberries and strawberries.

smoked garlic

I bought two bulbs of smoked garlic the other day, anyone got some good ideas what to use it in? I've had it once before but couldn't taste the smokiness over other flavours, so something where you'll really taste it would be great! Ideas so far are roast it then add to mash potatos or a focaccia...