June 12th, 2010

Help with a sandwich

I am interning with a gubernatorial campaign this summer, and if any of you have ever done that, you know that these people have serious eating issues. They eat like one meal a day. I bring in lunch and dinner with me and they're all getting to know that I'm vegan, which they're all pretty cool with. I've brought in food a couple times and they've loved it, and my boss has asked me for something specific know, and I need some serious help with it.

He wants a sandwich with greens. The problem is, the only greens he really know are spinach and lettuce. He's never heard of kale or chard. He basically wants a really good sandwich on wheat bread with greens. That's all the info he can give me. Now I want to make something that's going to be absolutely amazing, but I have no idea when it comes to sandwiches. Any ideas for me?