June 15th, 2010


Chard Recipes

Sooo... Chard. Everyone seems to like chard. Posts here and in other vegan communities are full of chard raves. I had chard once last summer, and I think it tasted like dirt. DIRT. I like other greens (especially kale and collards) but I am scared to make chard again.

I think last time I probably sauteed it with garlic and olive oil. Usually a fool-proof preparation for almost any veggie! I noticed in the comments of a post with the card tag someone suggesting a coconut milk curry... that would at least hide the nasty dirt taste?

I dunno. Save me!!

Edited to add: Maybe RAW?! I LOVE raw kale, maybe uncookin' is the way to go here.

Lots of soymilk

Someone gave me two gallons of soymilk - one light vanilla and one light plain - that I don't know what to do with. I was planning on making biscuits and such but that only takes a cup or so...basically I need to get rid of this stuff before it goes bad (they're already opened).
Things I am not interested in making: smoothies, sauces. I don't like creamy things so this is kindof difficult beyond basic baking recipes. Also, this is random but I have no freezer space so nothing that requires freezing. Thanks guys.

I don't like milk, or milky things. Thus pudding, cereal, etc are not an option.
you a question

Help! I need to buy an awesome food processor!

I've discovered that I'm in desperate need of a food processor. How have I made it this long without one? Doing everything by hand is for the birds! 

I'm looking for a decently large capacity, ease of use, dependability and value.  My budget is about $200.  

Do you have a machine you love?  Is it better to go with a bigger capacity just in case?  My (possibly flawed) logic is that it's probably better to have too much space than not enough.