June 30th, 2010

Nutolene Pastizzi

I made these today, from scratch.

1 cup nutolene [nut meat]
1 cup butternut pumpkin, peeled
1/2 cup green peas
1 cup spinach and rocket mix
2-3 tsp garlic dip
2-3 tsp hommus
vegan puff pastry
Avacado oil [or oil of choice]

defrost pastry. boil pumpkin til soft. add peas, cook for about a minute, drain.
in food processor, process nutolene & spinach/rocket together. add garlic dip & hommus.
add pumpkin & peas and process until mixed

cut the pastry into circles 9cm in diameter [i used a measuring cup and a knife], spoon 1 tsp of mixture into the middle & fold into a pastizzi, using water to seal the edges. Glaze w/avacado oil. Bake for twenty minutes or until the pastry is done.

This makes A LOT of pastizzi, so if you are a single person like me, you will probably be eating them for days

(Blueberry) Crumbcake

What's everyone's favorite blueberry crumbcake recipe? Or any crumbcake recipe, if you have one?

I tried two different ones off vegweb last year and both of them had crumbs and/or cakes that just came out awful and not at all how I remembered crumbcakes being in consistency. So now that I've got an omni bbq to go to, I decided to just ask straight up for recommendations.