July 1st, 2010

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raw essene bread - storing sprouted wheatberries safely?

I started sprouting some wheatberries earlier this week to make Essene bread. When I checked the jar this morning they were more or less ready to go, but obviously I didn't quite think this through timing-wise. I'm leaving town this afternoon with no free time before then, and won't be back until very late on Friday, so I won't be able to grind/bake the stuff until Saturday.

It's quite warm and humid here so I'm afraid my very first attempt will be ruined by mold if I leave it out. What's the safest way to store the jar for the next couple days without compromising the nutritional goodness (and retarding possible grassy sprouts)? I was thinking refrigerator or freezer. For sprouting I've just had it covered with cheesecloth, but I still have the lid (regular, no holes poked in it), if one or the other is preferable.

Alternatively, if cold storage will be harmful to the nutrients of the raw version, I guess I could do the other type of bread involving sprouted wheat. What's it called? It's the non-raw kind that also includes regular flour and whatnot...can't remember. Anyone have a good recipe?


I have a ton of getting-wilty cilantro, what can I do with it to use it up? I've made coconut soup and burritos in the last couple days and just sprinkled some on top, but I'm more looking for something I can make with it that will last.
Tips for drying/freezing are okay too but I'd prefer a recipe.