July 26th, 2010

putting uncooked pizza dough in the fridge..

I just made this "deep dish" pizza dough:  http://www.thefrugalgirl.com/2009/02/wednesday-baking-how-to-make-deep-dish-pizza/  (Caution that the recipe shows a photo of meat/cheese pizza--I'm just using the dough recipe.)  I point out which recipe I used because it has, strangely enough, a cup of grated potato in it, which I've never seen before or done before.

The thing is, I only have one 9 inch pan so I was just going to make 1 pizza tonight for myself...which means I have 1/2 of the dough left.  Can you put a yeast-based dough (with potato in it!) in the fridge to keep before it's been cooked but after it's risen?  Will that do anything weird to the yeast situation to be kept cold for awhile, if I'm going to use it to make another pizza within the next day or three?  I guess I would be stopping after it's raised for an hour in a bowl, but before it's raised the last 30 minutes it's supposed to in the pizza pan.

I guess another option is to finish my pizza, and then just make another pizza in the same pan, but that just seems like such a hassle tonight when I have other things I want to do.  Opinions?  I have so little experience with yeast doughs that it's kind of ridiculous.  (And even less experience with weird potato yeast dough!)