July 30th, 2010


Recipes Using Soymilk to Freeze

So, I always seem to be throwing out soymilk because I don't use the whole box. Once again, I'm leaving town and have only used half a container. I'm not sure that soymilk would freeze very well, but maybe I could cook something more freezable using soymilk?

At first I was thinking about muffins, but when I was doing some googling several sites mentioned that baked goods should be frozen at 0 degrees F, and I'm sure my sketchy freezer doesn't get that cold.

Does anyone have any freezable soymilk recipes or suggestions?
got it memorized?, fire

Ways to enjoy Mori-Nu tofu

Hello. I have an admittedly vague question. After a long day of work, sometimes when I cam craving protein and don't want to cook, I have a piece of Mori-nu silken tofu. I find it is much more enjoyable straight out of the package than those water-packed tofus. I usually put ponzu sauce or soy sauce on it, but am looking for suggestions of something else to put on it - something mild - not salty, and not savory. Also, would you have any suggestions for something sweet that would pair well with it?