August 1st, 2010

Sabrina Flowers

Basil Emergency

Hi everyone,

I just made a pot of lentil soup where I cooked them in a sauce of tomato paste, vegetable stock, herbs, and what have you. I added a lot of basil, because I love it, but I think I did a no-no.

I tasted my soup, and I have to say, it tastes soapy. I thought maybe I hadn't washed my stick blender properly when I blended it, but no, everything was clean.

So, I guessed it might be the basil, did a search, and found that it's a common problem with basil that grows that way sometimes, and some people just taste soap when they eat basil no matter what.

The basil was a chopped organic variety in a refrigerator jar.

Anyway, this is a TON of soup, and I don't want to waste it. Does anyone have a suggestion for either counterbalancing the basil to undermine it, or some strategies to just overwhelm the flavor with something else?

I don't want to wast this!

Baby Squid

Vegan weight gain.

My boyfriend has opted to go vegan for a week or possibly longer, and is looking to gain some weight and/or muscle mass. From what I've read in other comms and the tags, tofu, grains, nuts etc are a good start - however, he's allergic to nuts and picky about vegetables. Not all vegetables, just a few.

So, does anyone have any suggestion for vegan weight gain, that don't involve nuts or nut products, and contain a good amount of varied ingredients so he doesn't get bored?

Please and thank you! <3

(Also, recipes for Cous Cous? I have a huge bag, and cannot think of anything to do with it! D:)