August 2nd, 2010


Arrowhed Mills Multigrain Pancake Mix

Am I wrong, or was the Arrowhead Mills Multigrain Pancake Mix once vegan? I hadn't had it in a few years and picked up another package over the weekend. After I made the pancakes [for omni friends], I read the package and saw buttermilk and whey in the ingredient list. I checked their website and did see that the Oat Bran, Kamut and Buckwheat versions were vegan but, be warned if you are a vegan pancake eater. Steer clear of the multigrain. An email to the company asking about the ingredient change was just replied to with a generic apology for my disappointment.
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 I just got back from a trip to the beautiful Okanagan, and i've got a bounty of fresh peaches. Other than eat them (I've already had three today) I'm not sure what to do with them all! I'm thinking of peach pie and peach jam. Any other ideas? 
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Help to make Chocolate Cayenne Cupcakes?

I got an urge to make chocolate-cayenne cupcakes. I found this recipe for Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes, but I don't have all the ingredients, and my cayenne peppers are mostly fresh (currently hanging up to dry).

I then found this recipe for German Chocolate Cake that another poster said they use for cupcakes, and I have the ingredients, and it sounds fabulous, BUT...

Will fresh cayenne peppers alter the chemistry enough that I should adjust the recipe at all? I only have a few peppers and would like to get it right the first time, so if you're a super cupcake chemist type person, I could use some advice. :] Thanks!

ETA: I went for it and made a cake, no alterations except adding 2 finely chopped cayenne peppers. The baking ended up taking 55 minutes, instead of just 1/2 hour. It's much more brownie like, than cake-like, too. Ah well, it's still tasty :]
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My go-to beans-and-veggies recipe

I make this all the time, but especially in the summer when lots of suitable veggies are in season. It's inspired by Mexican flavors but I'm sure it's not authentic to any particular cuisine. The recipe is very flexible, so modify to your tastes and availability of ingredients. I make this so much precisely because I generally have nearly all of the ingredients on hand and can pull it into a nutritious dinner without much thought. It freezes well, too.

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(Recipe for peach salsa is here.)