August 7th, 2010

Carrot Souffle

While I remember eating this as a child, it remains in my memory as a favorite of my grandmother's. I want to being something to the family reunion in September and have decided to create a veganized carrot souffle. However I have no idea where to begin (after peeling and boiling my carrots of course ;). I've decided on using almond milk, as opposed to cow's milk, but need a replacement for the eggs/yolks.

This task seems impossible I know, because chemically speaking you can't make a souffle without eggs, however I thought I could overcome this problem by ignoring the question of texture (or possibly creating a casserole or maybe a tart with carrot souffle type filling, etc) and aiming more for a sweet and authentic flavor. I know there are recipes which include ingredients like bay leaves, and salt however the souffle I remember and the one my grandmother still enjoys is distinctly sweet. One stipulation it has to be sweet and at least mildly creamy.

Given the circumstances, any suggestions? :) any help is much appreciated.

Ps: If I could aim for ingredients that can be found at a regular grocery store that's a plus, I shop at Publix a lot of the time, and they have a very decent health food section, not to mention great meat analogue choices ;)

Summer vegetable soup

This started out as cabbage soup and turned into something else entirelyCollapse )

This recipe works for any vegetables you have to hand. Just divide them into three categories depending on how tough they are and how crunchy you like your veg: cook a lot, cook some, cook little. Cook a lot is sautéed either in the pot or separately, cook some goes in with the broth, cook little gets tossed in right at the end.

It turns out that pretty much all green and yellow vegetables taste good together. Who knew?