August 15th, 2010


I'm looking for an authentic Mohntorte recipe. I can find various 'poppyseed cakes' in books & on the Web. However, they are very mutually variable in the kind of pastry which results. I understand that the traditional Mohntorte is a layered sweetcrust pastry with poppyseed paste & crystallized citrus fruit pieces? Thanks in advance!

ETA:Apparently, this pastry is traditional across Silesia?

Raw Tomato Flatbread

All of the recipes I've found online use sun dried tomatoes. Those are expensive- like 6 bucks for 3 oz or something as equally crazy.

I'm looking for something similar to what you get with Rawvolution's famous onion bread, but I don't have sunflower seeds and I didn't want onion to be the main flavor. Does anyone have a recipe that would include any of the below ingredients:

Ground Flax
Whole almonds
Fresh, but very ripe, Tomatoes
Fresh garlic

I also have:


In case those could be used to make a "bread" also.

Any ideas?

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