September 12th, 2010

healthy muffins

I want to make some very, very healthy muffins. The kind where I can eat one or two for breakfast and have a well-balanced meal.
I'm not very good at creating recipes, so I would love some suggestions!
I was thinking carrot-zucchini-raisin, simply because I have a lot of those ingredients that need to be used. I would also love to use banana, applesauce, oatmeal, bran, etc.
This ( was the closest thing I found in the tags, but I wasn't impressed by the alleged density. I also wasn't sure where/how I should sub in grated carrot.
If anyone has any suggestions, recipe inspirations, tips/tricks, I would looovvee to hear it!
Thank you

What to do w/ Okara

Hello folks!

What do ya'll like to do with okara? I bought a package of it recently at the asian market, with the intention of using it in one of the many recipes I'd found for the stuff.

Unfortunately, I must have found those recipes in an alternate universe, because I can't find any of the bookmarks that I thought existed to the various sites that contained them.

I've heard that it can be good for stuff like burgers & other "meaty" type things, but any recipes are welcome!