September 13th, 2010

[text] oh :(

Waffle problems and buying tofu

So I got Vegan Brunch a few days ago, haven't tried a lot of the recipes so far, but I'm loving what I have.

The waffle recipe looked so good I rushed out to get a waffle iron, because of space in my kitchen and idiot housemates I've gone with a non electric kind of waffle iron that you cook over the hob with. Except I've never had waffles, we didn't have them growing up, and I'm clueless.

- I made the batter exactly as the Cornmeal waffle recipe in Vegan Brunch, poured it into the waffle iron up to the top, closed the lid and watched as it spilled everywhere. Turned it after a few minutes, then after a few more minutes tried to take it out. It cooked on one side okay-ish but not at all on the other and it was near impossible to take out of the cooked side (not at all stuck to the uncooked side).

- Tried with less batter, around enough to not even cover the little prongs, cooked it for maybe 5-6 minutes, burnt on one side and uncooked on the other again.

- Tried thickening the batter up with 2 tablespoons flour as suggested in the cookbook, filled it to just over the prongs, it didn't spill over, and cooked it for about 2-2 1/2 minutes turning once. When I opened it it was stuck to the top side and it ripped apart. The bottom was actually cooked perfectly, but it was awful to pry it up off the bottom of the waffle iron and I gave up half way through the job because it just wasn't coming up properly.

- I'm turning this every time, greasing both sides with cooking oil and a pastry brush between each waffle and unfortunatly the waffle iron doesn't come with any instructions beyond a recipe that's not vegan.

Anyone got any experience fixing this recipe/using waffle irons of this type? Sorry if this is kind of not the place but I'm clueless and desperate. The edible bits of the waffles I've created have been wonderfully tasty, if only they were actual waffles!

In an almost seperate issue, I want to try some of the tofu recipes, but tofu is kind of nonexistant. I live in the UK, usually Swansea, sometimes Taunton, Somerset, and I would kill to get my hands on any kind of tofu, let alone the soft kind the book talks about. What sort of places should I be lookin for to find various types of tofu?