September 27th, 2010

On the ferry

Strata/savory bread pudding with very dry bread?

A while back I had most of a loaf of bread that was going stale, so I cubed it and dried it out, then bagged it and put it in the fridge before leaving town. Now I'd like to make some sort of savory bread pudding like the strata in Veganomicon. How should I handle the extra-dry bread? Rehydrate it in broth or nondairy milk first? Or just make the blended tofu mixture extra wet and do it all in one step? Has anyone tried this?

My "Vegan In Berlin" Food Blog :)

I couldn't find anything about it in the rules, so I guess this goes. 
I recently (well, more or less) started a vegan foodblog, with mostly recipes. 
I need to kick myself in the arse to take photos and write down what I throw in the pot, but I try to.
Maybe some of you are interested in it, in general.
I'll probably end up posting some recipes here separately, too, I think this is more for me to have an extra kick in the butt ("someone of LJ might actually be seeing this! Better be updating!" and the like). 

The English version, which will probably be of most use to the vast majority: Being Vegan In Berlin
This is the German version: Vegan In Berlin

I hope someone here likes it. :)