September 28th, 2010

Heart leaf on green grass

The Ultimate Vehicle For Cabbage

 Some time ago, I began making a cabbage, rice and lentil casserole and inflicting it upon my cabbage-resistant spouse.

The somewhat less than optimal response led to me adding a portion of the cheezy sauce from kittee 's blog  as a top layer. This turned the casserole into what was judged "an acceptable vehicle for cabbage".

Over time, I played with various cheezy sauces, including the "nooch" sauce from Veganomicon, sometimes adding slices of Cheesly mozerella. Reception ranged from muted acceptance to, "Hey, that's not bad."

Today, however, I am informed that the game has been changed. Now we have what I am told is "the ultimate vehicle for cabbage." And so, to honour this momentous occasion, I give you... THE RECIPE!!

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