October 25th, 2010


Changing a recipe for a crockpot

We have cooking challeneges at work to see who can make the best x...it changes every month and I usually participate as then people here at work can see how tasty vegan food is! In the past it has been baked goods like brownies and such, but this month is chilli. I have a great recipe, but I have only ever made it in a pot on the stove and then eatten it that night (or reheated the leftovers). Since I have to transport it to work and have it hot for lunchtime I think crockpot is the way to go - does anyone know if I need to do something different for that? I don't want it to get all messed up by lunchtime....My basic recipe is beans, beets, carrots and spices so I am also worried about everything cooking too long and falling apart. I have never actually cooked with a crock pot before so thanks for any help!
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Easy Lasagne Recipe and a Question About Flavouring Seitan

I made lasagne for the first time last night.  Because I'm very lazy, this is incredibly simple.  Reposted from my blog, here.

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As for my question...well, I'm wondering about flavour-signatures.  That is, if I want to flavour plain tofu or homemade seitan to taste like, say, chicken or fish (or to complement the kind of things one would normally serve with those things), what kind of spices would I use?  What do other people use to create different flavours like those?

For context, I've found that I can create an excellent vegan Sunday roast, but I'd really like to be able to flavour the seitan more specifically, so it goes better with the gravy and vegetables, and is more the kind of taste one would expect.  I'm also quite interested in Cajun or Japanese recipes, so I'd find seafood flavours really useful, too.