November 4th, 2010


Main dish recipes with almond meal

Hello, all!

I buy bags of almond meal from Trader Joes to make the apricot almond cupcakes in VCTOTW sometimes. They are seriously the best cupcakes ever, and are always a hit at potlucks and things. BUT. A few weeks ago I swear I checked my fridge before I bought more, but I must have not checked well enough because I just found a mostly-full bag in the back in addition to the newer back I bought.

As much as I would love to have CUPCAKES ALL THE TIME I don't have time for making deserts every few days. Does anyone have any suggestions of some main dishes that I could make with almond meal? I dunno, some kind of sauce, or maybe nut loaf, or... well, what do you think?!

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Beaten eggs?

My roommate is obsessed with pumpkin. And my mom has this recipe that I grew up with for Pumpkin rolls and my roommate has been begging me to make them so she can try them.

Her birthday is tomorrow so I want to make them for her. I asked if she wanted the normal recipe, or if she wanted me to veganize it. She told me to veganize it so I could also eat some.

Two questions:

1.) The recipe calls for 3 eggs beaten for 2 minutes. Is this something I can accomplish with normal egg replacer? (i.e. Ener-G egg replacer) or is there a better alternative?

2.) It includes cream cheese in the middle. I'm fine with using either the Tofutti or Follow Your Heart cream cheese, but I'm nervous about the soy-taste so I was going to add a little lemon juice to offset it. Is there a lemon juice to cream cheese ratio I should stick to?

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Offsetting the sweetness of Daiya

I was so excited when I found mozzarella-style Daiya in my local supermarket! I went right home and tossed it into some pasta with tomato sauce. The texture is terrific--it really does melt and get all gooey!--but to my disappointment, it tastes really sweet, which I guess is no surprise since it's made with tapioca. This is extra unfortunate because when real mozzarella starts to smell or taste sweet, that means it's gone bad. So when I taste sweet mozzarella-ish stuff, I get a little queasy, and it's hard to convince myself that no, it really is okay.

I was hoping to use Daiya in some of my favorite Italian recipes from back when I ate dairy, but now I'm worried that they'll taste funny. When using it in not-originally-vegan recipes, how do you balance out the sweetness? Or do you override it with other, stronger flavors and just enjoy the texture?