November 19th, 2010

Drink Mixes/Ideas for Sick?

 This may be a super specific, weird post and I wasn't certain if it was vegancooking or veganpeople appropriate. 
I'm really sick lately and one of the new symptoms is a constant nausea that usually turns to vomiting. Nothing seems to stop this or let up so as a result, I'm pretty much unable to eat anything. I don't know how long this particular symptom will last but this being sick thing is going to drag on for at least a few more months so its really important that I be able to get nutrients. Plus, I'm understandably hungry! 

So my question for everyone here was if anyone had any recommendations for drink mixes that either were something like tasteless supplements that could be added to something like a smoothie or something that could just require a non-dairy milk added to it like Instant Breakfast. I don't need anything that promotes weight gain as my illness also has severely limited my mobility so drinking something that'd make me pack on the pounds while I'm unable to move or leave the house for months wouldn't be good but understandably after all this nausea I'm not looking for a Slim Fast type shake either. An ideal thing would just have lots of vitamins and nutrients and either be tasty or tasteless so I can just add it to things. Right now what I'm doing is with my mom's help she makes me drinks, on my better days I'm able to drink fruit smoothies but I worry just a regular fruit smoothie every other day with almond milk isn't giving me enough vitamins. And my immune system could use all the help it could get. 

Sorry if the links are annoying, I just wanted to be as specific as possible and while these brands were recognizable to me in getting my point across, I thought they would help people who are not from the US. I'm from there so I'm looking for suggestions that can be found in US stores. 

If no ones had any luck with supplements or mixes, does anyone have any good smoothie recipes to boost immunity or even just deliver a good dose of vitamins? Currently I'm just drinking strawberries, bananas, peanut butter, and almond milk in mine. I'm not allergic to anything but we're just trying to avoid flax seed because apparently it could add to the gastrointestional distress, my mom says. Any help, tips, or recipes would be appreciated like I've never appreciated anything before! Thanks.

Thanksgiving questions -- chickpea cutlets and brownies.

Because I'm constantly indecisive and hungry, I have a huge menu for Thanksgiving and I'd like to do some work ahead of time. I have two questions:

1) Let's talk about the infamous Chickpea Cutlets from VCON. Have any of you had success making them the day before? Possibly prebaking and then panfrying? I can't believe I've gone this long without trying them, and I see that there are options to both bake and pan fry. Which is preferable?

2) I got a edge brownie pan for my birthday! What should I fill it with?

2a) Best brownie recipe for adding toppings? A tried and true Candy Cane Brownie recipe would be awesome.
Delray's Finest

Argentinian/Vegan/Thanksgiving Fusion

I'm making food for my Spanish literature class next Tuesday, and I decided that I'm going to make food for everyone. I figured it should be something Argentinian, since we're studying a lot of Argentinian literature right now. However, it's also right before Thanksgiving, and I'm also vegan. Therefore, my aspiration is to make an Argentinian-Thanksgiving-Vegan-Fusion-Amazingness meal. I have NO idea what this would look like. I'm not even sure what vegan Argentinian food would look like. Everything I know about vegan Argentinian food I read in one New York Times article several months ago. ...and Thanksgiving, being a US holiday, doesn't even exist in Argentina.

So, creative vegan friends, any ideas?!

love y'all.

PS: I created a holiday food-thanksgiving tag and an ethnic food-argentinian tag. Hope that's alright!