December 9th, 2010


Easy, omni-loved desserts

So another "Help Me!" post-

I have come to the end of (a very intense!) internship.  Everyone there has been wonderful, although no one there really knows anything about veganism they are extremely interested and supportive and always ask tons of questions.  

Anyway, they have been requesting I bring in vegan treats for them to try.  As it is the end of my internship I would like to make a basket of baked goods and treats to say thank you and goodbye.  I want to make some awesome stuff being it will be their first baked-vegan experience and I don't want to turn them off due to lack of baking skills.

Facts to note:  
- I am not a big sweets person, so I don't really have any "favorite" recipes... nor do I have a ton of money (poor student... you know how it is)
- I am a terrible baker.  No really, terrible... so recipes have to be fairly simple because I can mess any/everything up.
- I live in fairly vegan-friendly town so I have access to a lot different ingredients... but please keep in mind, not tons of money
- I own the Veganomicon and Vegan Cookies Invade your Cookie Jar cookbooks.  I have only made a few items from VCIYCJ and none of them really turned out great; I have never made any desserts from Veganomicon.  

I know this is kind of a SUPER open post... but if anyone could provide tried and true, easy recipes for omnis that have never had vegan goods, PLEASE do!  Thank you!!

Tahini Cookies?

I want to make some tahini cookies but I can't seem to find the right recipe. I recall seeing a photo of some cookies, I think here or on veganfoodpics, that looked perfect: big flat cookies covered in white and black sesame seeds. I've tried searching the tags here and can't find it.

The recipe I want to make is a very, very simple one: flour, sugar (brown and/or white), tahini, extra oil?, maybe a seasoning or two or some extra nuts but ideally not, then a pretty coating of two different-colored seeds on the outside. No oats, no fruit, no chocolate chips. No halvah (talk about overkill). No need to be gluten-free. I'm inspired by the Sparkled Ginger Cookies in Vegan with a Vengeance, which are made with a very few simple ingredients (no egg replacer, no shortening, no agave, just flour, sugar, molasses, oil, a little soymilk, and spices) but have the perfect chewy texture and look great thanks to the demarara sugar rolled on the outside before baking.

I could experiment with changes to the recipes I've found online, but tahini is expensive so if anybody here has a tried-and-true recipe I'd be grateful.