December 20th, 2010

Emily: Hijab

Yeast-free Pizza Dough + Request: Baked donut

I have a love of pizza. This is my favourite home-made pizza dough recipe and it's fast, simple, and tastes good!

I looked through the tags and didn't see it posted. I've given it to a few people and they all love it.

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I make this kind of a lot...we top with tomatoes, onions, garlic, cheese, brinjal...pretty much anything. My fussy child loves it!!

I'm looking for a good baked donut recipe. I'm looking for more of a cake type donut instead of the bread-y stuff. I don't have access to egg replacer as a pre-packaged item but I can get, applesauce, agar agar, yogurt, vinegar, stuff like that. Anything too gourmet just isn't going to be available here in Mauritius :((